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Umbrella / Excess Liability

We can help protect your portfolio and equity. 

Large liability suits can be devastating financially. Lets face it, Lawyers aren't exactly looking to be fair. They are always going to try and take whatever they can from you. And in todays day and age the standard $1,000,000 liability policy isn't making the cut. Thats where the umbrella comes in. 


With the commercial real estate market expanding, apartment owners and property managers should take the proper precautions to help mitigate any risks associated with a growing portfolio, including business continuity planning and building maintenance. 

According to research, the majority of decision makers rated major catastrophes as the most important risk to the Real Estate management business.

When your business suffers a large loss, your reputation, your brand, and your financial stability are at stake. Standard property and liability policies can help protect your company in a range of situations, but there are times when losses may exceed what your primary insurance can cover.

Commercial umbrella and excess liability solutions can provide the extra protection you need for the big, unexpected events that can have potentially catastrophic results. From devastating multi-million dollar lawsuits, to auto accidents, to liability claims, running your business means planning for the unexpected.

Higher coverage limits can provide the additional security needed to help protect against these substantial losses. We'll worry about the risk, so you can focus on growing your portfolio. 

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